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quarta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2009

Phrases Bruno Senna

"Obviously people think of Ayrton when they hear the Senna name, and some people obviously doubt that I can do something or that I'm there for my own merits - but this is not my concern,"

"For me the important thing is that some people do support me because they know what I can do, and some others will be sceptics.

"I started my first race with a film crew on my backside, so all the time since the beginning there has been a lot of pressure, a lot of expectation and a lot of demands.

"It's been a constant in my life - I've always had more attention than anyone else at my level, and I know that in Formula 1 the proportion is going to be much higher.

"I'm aware of that, but I believe I'm prepared for that."

The Brazilian hopes he will eventually achieve enough in F1 to earn attention in his own right, rather than because of his family history.

"I've done maybe 5,000 interviews so far in my life, and maybe 99 per cent of these have mentioned Ayrton," said Senna.

"In a way it's bad that people will ask me about Ayrton, but I believe that as people know me better this will die down a little bit.

"I believe that the best way of creating my own identity is to achieve results.

"Formula 1 is the biggest showcase for that.

"I believe that people who have been following my career from the beginning know that I have potential and can do a good job, but the majority of people who don't know anything about motor racing can only know what is proven in Formula 1."

He also hopes that he can use Campos as a springboard to a seat with a top team, but knows that he will have to earn such an opportunity and is taking nothing for granted.

"Obviously if I can land a big team drive after my period with Campos, then it will be great," Senna said.

"But it won't be automatic, I'll have to work very hard for it."