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terça-feira, 12 de julho de 2011

Bruno Senna - “I try to make my presence known”

Bruno, tell us about the work you’ve done in the car for LRGP this year?
BS: I did a test in February in Jerez (that was half a day), which was about 600 kilometres. Then I did a couple of days on the R29, young driver days which totalled about 300 kilometres. I also did some demos, which were very low mileage and we were running for fifteen minutes at a time, which was good fun. I also drove some older cars such as the Lotus Evora, the GT4 for entertainment but this wasn’t a huge amount of running.

Aside from test drives and demos, what else is part of your race weekend routine?
BS: We try to participate on the technical side as much as possible. It’s important for me to be up to speed on as much as possible, on everything that’s going on and what the drivers are doing. I must be properly into it to be able to jump in the car and race if I need to. I also do lots of PR for the team and try to make my presence known both at and away from the track.

What’s most interesting about being a test driver?
BS: This year, it’s been important for me to learn the technical side of things. I’m able to do this in such a big team as Lotus Renault GP, because we have vast technical resources. I think it’s very valuable and we can take a lot from it, but I definitely don’t want to be a test driver for too long!

What are your plans for the future?
BS: To try to get the right backing and support to race next year. If it’s LRGP, even better!

Fonte e foto : Lotus Renault GP