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quarta-feira, 6 de abril de 2011


It was a surreal feeling settling into the driver’s seat of one of our team’s hire car Protons this morning at five minutes to seven (it was particularly appropriate, in fact, that we were stepping into a black Proton given our numerous activities with the manufactuer this weekend) - all we needed was a trim of gold for the full effect.
We were en route to our first activity of the day, a Proton tennis and fitness session with local media at a hotel near the Circuit. The fact that most drivers and F1 personnel are staying at the hotel was clear to see – the lobby was buzzing with activity at such an early hour, with people arriving straight from their flights.
From 9 to 10 o clock, we had a scheduled session for media to watch Vitaly and Bruno thrash about a tennis ball or two on the hotel’s court with the LRGP trainers. The sun was beginning to burn through the clouds, quickly providing the intense humidity we had been told to expect. The photographers enjoyed getting a fair share of time to captures Bruno's backhand or Vitaly's volleying skiils.Drivers, trainers and photographers then descended on the neighbouring gym for a session of pumping iron. Gladly not involved, I watched from the side as the trainers James and Xavi put Vitaly and Bruno through their paces with some weights work.The journalists then got their chance to quiz the drivers on what lay ahead for the team in Malaysia, coping with the humidity and their fitness routines. With a healthy turnout of local media including TV, we’re expecting to see Vitaly and Bruno on the local Breakfast Show tomorrow morning, as we tuck into our bowls of Corn Flakes.No-one was spared interview duties, as before we left our trainer James was questioned on his secrets for keeping the drivers in such good shape. Good work James!

Fonte: Lotus Renault GP
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