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domingo, 13 de fevereiro de 2011

Tempos em Jerez de Bruno Senna.

Tempos em Jerez de Bruno Senna. 13/02/2011 -  R31
08:00 Here’s the weather latest from features editor @TeamAnglais: “lots of cloud around at Jerez today, forecast says there’s rain on the way. temps now – air 9, track 10, 7mph wind” (ao contrário do dia anterior, as condições estavam piores devido ao vento e previsão de chuva)
08:14 Depending on where you stand in the Lotus/Lotus row, you’ll either think the sight of a Senna helmet in a black and gold car with Lotus logos and a Renault engine is wonderfully evocative, or it will make you cross.
08:17 Senna does a 1m28.302s on his first lap in the Renault.
08:18 As his previous F1 experience comes from a test in the not-very-good 2008 Honda, a season in the not-very-good 2010 Hispania, and various demonstration runs in older cars, the 2011 Renault might come as a culture shock.
08:18 Senna improves to 1m25.201s, while Barrichello has got down to 1m21.923s.
08:19 A 1m25.4s for Senna on his second lap, while Barrichello does a 1m22.0s.
08:21 Senna is now back in the pits.
09:01 Senna is also feeling his way into the Renault R31 as he clocks a 1m23.437s to move up to fifth fastest.
09:28 Senna has left the pits to start his next run for Renault.
09:30 Renault pit board says this will be a nine-lap run for Senna.
09:32 Senna sets his best time so far, 1m22.994s.
09:33 Another improvement from Senna, a 1m22.771s. He sneaks ahead of Rosberg into fourth.
09:34 A consistent run from Senna, who does a 1m22.8s next time past.
09:37 Senna is now in the mid-1m23s, while Alonso’s run has started off in the mid-1m21s range.
09:38 Here is Renault’s schedule for Senna via @OfficialLRGP: “Bruno is doing some new tyre runs this morning and evaluating some changes to the car. Longs runs are planned after lunch.” (pneus duros pela manhã)
09:39 Senna’s times briefly went up to 1m24s, now he’s back to a mid-1m23s. He’s already logged 25 laps this morning.
09:40 Senna just went purple through the speed trap at S1. That’s the exit of the fast left hander at Turn 4, so measures high-speed cornering more than top speed.
It’s worth noting that the Red Bull and the Renault have been consistently the fastest two cars through there
09:42 It’s worth remembering that Renault’s plan to do a long run after lunch (as it mentioned in its tweet just below) is something it has intended to do for the last couple of days only to run out of time after a few glitches and red flags.
09:46 Senna is back in the Renault pits. He did an 11-lap stint, averaging 1m23.6s.
09:46 So although Renault said that was a new-tyre run, it certainly wasn’t a qualifying simulation. By the standards of this week, Senna was on a relatively big fuel load.
10:02 The session has been stopped.
10:16 The session has restarted.
10:20 Senna improves immediately, going to fourth with a 1m21.990s. (Exatamente o mesmo tempo do Heidfeld um dia anterior com os mesmos pneus duros, nessa mesma hora)
10:25 The red flag is out again. (logo após ele marcar um bom tempo)
10:36 These stoppages aren’t helping the teams get through their programmes in time to do long runs this afternoon.
10:40 Senna is also leaving the pits, so the current top four are on the circuit.
10:43 No spectacular times yet on these runs – Alonso, Buemi and Senna have kicked off in the mid-1m23s.
10:47 Fastest man on track at the moment is Senna, he’s lapping in mid-1m22s.
10:59 Senna has pitted. He did an 11-lap run with an average of 1m24s, though that was distorted by a one-off 1m32s mid-run. His best times were in 1m22s, but he went up to 1m23s later in the stint.
11:06 The session has been stopped.
11:16 Back to green.
11:25 Senna comes out again for Renault.
11:35 Current pace – Senna and Alonso are both in low 1m24s, Barrichello in mid 1m27s, di Resta in low 1m26s.
11:41 Senna and di Resta are back in from their eight-lap runs. The Renault was averaging 1m24.2s, the Force India 1m25.9s.
11:44 After that quick start with a 21.2, Buemi’s times went up to 23.3 then 22.8. (fez esse tempo com stint de qualificação)
12:17 @BSenna updates the world on his first morning in the Renault cockpit: “A successful first morning in the Lotus Renault. A very full test program, a great feeling, good pace but more work to do..” (já fora do carro, twittando no padock, só iria voltar faltando 40 minutos pra o final do treino).
12:59 The skies continue to threaten here, so the teams will be hedging their bets between some longer runs in the dry or a welcome chance to test Pirelli’s wet tyres. (O céu já estava fechando)
13:27 The wind is currently clocked at 11mph and could be giving the drivers a bit of a headache by upsetting the cars – something we often hear complaints about through qualifying when drivers are pushing to the limits. (vento apertando)
13:32 There’s still plenty of cloud around, with the odd opening of blue sky, but nothing too menacing for the moment.
13:54 Meanwhile Renault are working on getting Senna’s car back out – @OfficialLRGP: “A few mechanical problems have kept Bruno in the garage for a while. He should be back out soon. About 15 mins.” (equipe confirma o problema)
13:56 It’s been a while since we’ve seen the R31 actually – Senna last pitted at 12:40 local time, that’s over two hours ago.
14:58 Reports from the teams of a few spots of rain around as we approach the final hour. (principio de chuva)
15:05 The red flag is now out.
15:19 Senna, Vettel and Alonso head straight out with just over 40 minutes of the test remaining. (volta com pneus macios, faltando 40 minutos pro final do treino).
15:23 Senna clocks his best lap of the day with a 1m21.400s in the Renault. His follow-up, a 1m24.487s, isn’t quite so good. (fica só 1.3 décimo de segundo do Heidfeld com pneus macios, mesmo com condições piores na pista)
15:26 Senna, Rosberg, Vettel and d’Ambrosio remain on track now.
15:35 The red flag is out. (Faltando 25 minutos, quando o Bruno saia mais uma vez com pneu macio do pit, novamente a bandeira vermelha)
15:44 The rain is also falling now, quite heavily infact. (chuva desaba, acabou o treino, alguns vão testar os pneus de chuva e só).