Blog Sem Fins Lucrativos, somente com o intuito de divulgar a carreira do piloto Bruno Senna e o IAS. Carol Lo Re

terça-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2011


Fresh from his flight back from Barcelona, Bruno Senna popped into Enstone this morning for a seat fit in one of our demo cars.

As the driver’s office, the cockpit of an F1 car needs to be finely tuned to a driver’s needs, and that was the top priority of Bruno’s seat fit. Driving these cars is such a physical job and it’s vital that the driver fits snugly inside the tight confines of the cockpit.

Like most of the car, the seat was made from carbon fibre – a material that combines strength with lightness – and was precisely moulded to the shape of Bruno’s body. The engineers can also add foam padding here and there for extra comfort. All being well, only one seat will be needed during the year.

We grabbed Bruno for a quick chat to explain the importance of a good seat fit.

Voice Bruno Senna

Font: Lotus Renault