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quinta-feira, 6 de maio de 2010

FIA Thursday press conference - Spain

Reproduced with kind permission of the FIA

Drivers: Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), Jaime Alguersuari (Toro Rosso), Pedro de la Rosa (BMW Sauber), Bruno Senna (HRT), Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull).

*Q: Bruno, what are the modifications for HRT?
Bruno Senna: We don’t have an aero update on the car. We are still a bit late on that side. We have a few chassis updates. We have managed finally to get the car on the rig and get some new dampers, new parts, that will make the car better to drive. I think the lap time gains won’t be as large as the guys who are getting aero updates but it is good for us that we can make the tyres last a bit longer and it is a bit easier to drive the car. We have to see to quantify the lap time, we will only see tomorrow, but I think we can expect an update maybe for Silverstone and then we can look at a big step forward and we hope we can see that.
*Q: Another question to all of you. What is your target at this stage of the season? What are you looking to do to improve over the next few races? Jaime, would you like to start again.
BS: For us it is to gain big chunks of performance. I think we still have a lot to do in terms of development inside the team, even on the electronic control side, they need to be much more refined. But the focus is to continue finishing the races as it has been good for us the last two rounds. We finished with both cars and I think with more experience we can develop better but in terms of performance we need to look a bit further into the year.
*Q: Bruno, do you feel this is a lucky circuit for you?
BS: Absolutely. Every time I have been here I have finished on the podium at least. I don’t think this time I will be on the podium. If we can finish the race, have a strong race, it is good for us. We have to be realistic about our performance targets and try not to get in the way of these quick guys too much. In China we had a decent performance in the race and if the weather is playing up then we can still have a more fun race. It seems like the weather is like it is in England, so we might get lucky.

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Foto: Sutton Images