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quinta-feira, 5 de março de 2009

Paul Jackson diz ser uma vergonha deixar o talento Bruno Senna fora da F1.

Paul Jackson ex chefe de Bruno Senna pela equipe iSport em 2008, declarou estar decepcionado com Ross Brawn. "Um desperdício deixar o "talento" Bruno Senna de fora. As escolhas dos pilotos Rubens Barrichello e Jenson Button para a Brawn Racing foi um erro e diz estar zangado com as escolhas feitas.

A F1 necessita de tempos em tempos de talentos e sangue novo, é uma vergonha deixá lo de fora." "Ele é um rapaz muito inteligente. Muitos acham que ele é apenas o sobrinho da lenda Ayrton Senna devido o seu último nome e em virtude do seu acesso aos patrocinadores. Mas tudo isto não faz um piloto ser rápido. Ele é um verdadeiro talento e é uma pena não te lo na Fórmula 1 " disse Jackson .

O retorno de Bruno Senna a equipe iSport foi questionado a Paul Jackson e este nem afirmou nem negou. " Tudo é possível".

Matéria Original no Jornal Eastern Daily Press:

Senna forced to wait for F1 destiny

Michael Bailey

Bruno Senna missing out on a Formula One seat this season is a complete waste of talent, according to his former boss Paul Jackson.Senna, 25, has reportedly been snubbed by the former Honda team - led by Ross Brawn and likely to go under the guise of Brawn Racing for the new season - after they decided to keep faith with Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button.

But Jackson, principal at the Norfolk-based iSport team where the Brazilian finished second in the GP2 drivers' championship last season, believes Brawn is wrong.“The way their time frames have worked, getting closer and closer to the first race without any opportunity to test, they tend to err more towards the safe route of picking a driver who's got F1 experience, rather than taking a little bit of a chance with someone like Bruno,” said Jackson. “He is really, really smart. He will get on top of all the problems, probably better than some of the experienced guys, because he will have an open mind. A lot of the experienced guys will be looking back at their experiences over previous years, which are not quite so relevant, so I think it would be not such a big risk to take him.“We really do believe he's a talent, and for some reason a lot of people don't seem to take him quite so seriously. They think he's there because of his name, because he's got access to sponsors and whatever. For sure, that helps him, but it doesn't make you drive the car quickly. He is a real talent and it'll be a wicked shame if that doesn't get seen in F1.”

The iSport chief feels Senna could face a difficult future.“If you don't get that F1 drive, it's a very difficult judgement as to where you go to try and keep your career alive and keep in front of people,” added Jackson. “So it's a hard one. I've heard rumours in recent days he could end up in DTM, the German series. Okay, you're keeping him racing, you're going to keep him fit and focussed and employed, but it's a wasted talent I think.“The danger is if you're out of it for a year, people tend to forget and I'd just hate to see that happen.”There is the slim possibility iSport could welcome Senna back to Carleton Rode, according to Jackson. “All things are possible I suppose, but it's hard for him because he's got to a certain stage where he really does need to progress and prove himself in Formula One,” said the iSport principal. “I have to say it's disappointing to see the lack of testing and opportunities for young drivers coming through. “That's going to make it even harder for the young guys to break into F1, which is a shame because there needs to be some new blood from time to time and some of these real talents need an opportunity.”

Senna, nephew of legendary three-times world champion Ayrton Senna, seemed poised to oust Barrichello - Formula One's most experienced driver - from this season's grid. But former Honda bosses have seemingly plumped for veteran over rookie.“I'm kind of resigned to trying something else. I had a meeting on Monday with Ross Brawn and he cancelled,” said Senna. “I'm just a little upset because this situation has dragged on for so long, making me lose better professional possibilities.

“Now I'm going to get together with my family, with my advisors, and decide what way to take, but anything I may do will be a step backwards.“The important thing is to keep Formula One as the top priority. I will bounce back.”Fellow Brazilian Barrichello, 37 in May and with a record 267 F1 starts behind him, is yet to sign. But the car is apparently ready to undergo a shakedown test at Silverstone, potentially on Friday ahead of next week's final group test in Barcelona. .